We’ll cater for your individual needs including cardiovascular, flexibility, strength and resistance training.

Popular goals include city 2 surf and marathons, regaining strength and fitness, pre-wedding training, toning problem areas, weight loss, injury rehabilitation and regaining fitness post pregnancy, swimming and triathlons!

We bring all the fun to your sessions so you’ll even forget your working out! 
We love being in touch with nature so we’ll meet you at the park, at your house or even along the beach.
Our trainer will bring all the equipment and all the motivation you need for a fit, friendly and fun experience.

Our aim is to keep you focused on your desire – whether it be to get into a good routine, to get motivated, to meet new people or simply to keep active. Our trainers are here to help you achieve a balanced life.
Complete body performance was founded in 2013 in the eastern suburbs of Sydney by the energetic Ingrid Dix. She wanted to offer people consistent, flexible training that didn’t feel so routine and makes very session worth getting out of bed for. Her high energy motivation and variety (like using a skateboard during a weights session!?!) is what sets her and Complete body performance apart from the others. 
We run, We swim, We box, We lift. But most of all we move. Movement is life, so live it up!!!