Group Running Class

At Complete Body Performance we run with passion.

We welcome runner’s of all levels of fitness, who simply have the will to better yesterday. 

Running with Complete Body Performance will have you excited for each run session. Be consistenly challenged and share the moment in a fun social extra motivating environment. Good company out on the road, that’s what running in a group is all about and useful advice with enthusiasm.

Having a mix of outdoor location between the eastern suburbs you will be on your toes and keeping up right away.  You’ll have a fresh and different run every run with a variety of trails, tracks and stair drills. With each run being structured, and progressive with weekly challenges it makes running more enjoyable and effective. Taking on the hills and stairs Sydney has on offer, you will achieve your goals, increasing your speed and endurance, just do it. You will discover new zones, personally if it’s not hard, make it hard, push yourself if your breath slows it’s time to pick it up some more.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if am not the reason making every run worth getting out of bed for nature has my back. CBP gives you a positive and energising session to start your day on the right foot.  Sure you will be exploring and seeing the best of what Sydney has to offer. Tho following the sun rise you’ll be sure you have found your pot of gold. By getting into a good rhythm with our 6am group runs, you can be your best and achieve a positive balance to your life. Let’s keep being fit, toned and living happily and healthy.  Living the dream Yes! Let’s continue to do the hard work and maintain and keep the dream alive!

  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Beginner, intermediate and the real passionate runners

If your on your way to ticking off a goal on your bucket list or you just need a little more motivation to get a personal record? Then our running group is for you, come and join us and run the extra mile become a better faster stronger runner .

When taking on any plan set realistic goals, Complete a 42k marathlon, 21km half marathlon, a 14km,10km, 5km fun run or a community event with a great pace. The satisfaction of knowing you are well prepared for the race and will finish knowing you tried and did your best efforts for the day and your ability at that moment.

Running is a simple but wonderful sport with many benefits not just health but wellbeing too.