Meet the Trainer

About Ingrid Dix, trainer & founder of CBP

How many years in the industry ?

I finished my Diploma of fitness at Randwick TAFE in 2009 and have worked my way up.  I got my foot in the door of the fitness industry as a membership advisor for a gym at the Swiss Grand hotel and eventually became a PT once I was qualified. I then started training at a well-established outdoor fitness group here in the Eastern Suburbs, which I continued for 4 years while having a variety of one-on-one clients. Then being able to step out on my own in 2013 was a dream come true.

Why do you love it?
It’s a very rewarding lifestyle, I see my clients gain so many results. May it be your ideal weight, strength, flexability or fitness improvements you will achieve your goal and more. The determination clients bring to gain the most out of their session and one step closer towards achieving their goals is fantastic. With focus and zooming in on one area of yourself has many benefits, I like looking at your overall health. The ability to be energised at training and then being able to maintain this healthy lifestyle and continue achieving in other areas of life is way more important than the one dream goal.

I am grateful to be able to train people outside – in nature, fresh air and sunlight or in the comfort of there home. “not so comfortable while i am there.”

What do you do in your spare time?
I love Surfing, cooking and playing with my pot plants. I enjoy spending time with friends and seeing what sydney has to offer. I am easy to relax down the beach with a book or head to the park and stretch. I visit the South Coast often reliving the best childhood seeing family and old school mates.

Your favourite place to train?
So spolit with choice living in the eastern suburbs. I do love the ocean and running so hand in hand my favorite run will have to be the coastal track it’s forever changing.

I must admit, running was not love at first sight for me, it’s been lots of kilometres and pairs of shoes to get me to love running. I have to thank my best mate Nathan for being there from the start line.

Favourite café/restaurant?
Euden’s cafe in clovelly – for a naughty day or a weekend treat can’t beat the egg and bacon roll.


Sporting Achievements-

Through our own actions,

we inspire others to be the change they wish to see in the world. 


  • Ironman 70.3 Taupo New Zealand 5Hours 52Minutes 2018
  • Noosa 2 Hours 41 Minutes 53 Seconds
  • Huskisson Long course 5 Hours 31 Minutes

Running Highlights 

  • City2surf 60 minutes 58 Seconds 2008- 2017


  • Sydney Blackmores 3 Hours 44 Minutes 16 Seconds
  • Great Ocean Road 4 Hours 38 Minutes

Half Marathon

  • Sydney Morning Herald 1 Hour 33 Minutes 09 Seconds
  • Blackmores 1 Hour 35 Minutes 55 Seconds
  • Australian Running festival Canberra 1 Hour 41 Minutes 33 Seconds

Ocean Swims

  • Bondi to Bronte 27 Minutes 47 Seconds
  • Coogee Wedding cake island 2km
  • Palm Beach Big Swim 2.8km
  • Bondi Splash N Dash


  • Tough bloke challenge
  • Nike She Runs the Night 10 km
  • Nike NTC tour
  • The Spartan race

I am lucky enough to be gifted with an up beat, fun and energetic nature. I can adapt to my surroundings, making the best out of a situation. I believe we create our own happiness. I am grateful to be able to train people outside – in nature, fresh air and sunlight or in the comfort of there home. “not so comfortable while i am there.”

To survive is one thing and to enjoy each moment that’s another. Yet to be able to achieve new growth and thrive that’s a totally different world. A daily choice and grind that comes with it, the decision I make, the feeling of empowerment of the daily choice. To stand up and put your foot forward, continuing to make progress to want you want out of life.

I like to train to a deeper level, once the high is over, what else is there? I have realised when you are ready, there is always more! Ask any athlete. I have leant to be patient with my body and do the best I can in every way to better myself.

I am determined and not afraid to learn the skills needed to achieve the next goal.  I will continue to set challenges for myself to keep succeeding and avoid being useless. Building strength and courage to make changes in my life is a must. Looking back, reflecting and being aware of how far I have come, now that takes the cake. To continue taking the steps to the unknown, that’s just Icing-exciting. Your always winning when your life is more than you could of ever dreamed and imagined.

For me training gives me purpose and structure to my day. It’s a commitment I make to myself. It requires self-discipline and perseverance. I train to feel happy, celebrate and thrive at life and I also train to find a solution or have a healthy outlet and escape from life. I love being an active high energy person.

I try everyday to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my passion of health and fitness with you.

Love Ingrid xo