One on One

Train smart, with efficient individualised sessions tailored to your goals. Designed with your favorite exercises that strengthen your body and improve posture.

Reach your potential with strong and challenging training while exercising in a non- competitive environment. Have the flexibility to train at a time convenient for you.

You will have 100% of my attention, my eye’s are only focused on you so be excited. If you’re looking for safety and peace of mind, feel confident within my keep. As I will do my very best and have you in perfect form, limiting your chances of injury.

Train one on one till your confident to be able to join a group class, learn all you need to know and build the body you need to get you there. Ideally once your at a level to be join in I recommend a group training environment.

Lose the weight

Gained the strength

Get fast and speedy and step on up to the next biggest challenge keeping up with the world.

I will help you rebuild your self-esteem and get you into a group training class.