Personal Training

Complete Body Performance makes your training fun, enjoyable and most of all valuable. Challenging you to be more than you imagine, you will feel the benefits instantly. “well the burn at least”.

Treat and priorities yourself to what you want in life, if you don’t no-one else will.

You deserve the luxuries and that’s exactly what personal training is. It’s exercise delivered in as nice as it can be sort of way.

Yes some times you do need a hand up once in awhile, tho most of the time it’s just a hand to hold that makes the journey worth while. Having the right support will allow you to grow in the way you wanted. You will train with all the best equipment and work specific areas of your body you want to improve that’s as good as it gets. Warning there are no hand outs in the training world, everything you gain is because you put the hard work in.

When you realise your worth, you have the ablity to change and transform your body and lifestyle, improve your overall health, fitness and quality of life. You can achieve it all with the guidance and helping hand from me, your personal trainer. You believe you can or I’ll help you believe you can till your achieving. I hold the faith you can achieve and you give it absolutly everything and prove to yourself you can. “I can and I will.”

If you know what you want, Great. You already have the power. Now if you’re not sure how to make your next move?  That’s ok, I am here to support you while you build the skills and develop new ways to accept challenges and bring the best out of yourself each and everyday.

My purpose is to keep you consisted and accoutable to yourself. Concentrating precisely on your efforts to complete commitments and goals you have made to better your future. I will show you proper form and techneque and monitor you during each exercise.

When the only option you have is to do your best. I will keep you in a positive mind frame when your body is hurting and not responding, tolerant to fatigue.  That’s enough you can’t do anymore, be patient for the next time, another chance and opportunity to give it your all, stay focused on the end result. Go and make it happen.

Personal Training is a luxury your worth. You’re the one in control, as soon as you know what you want to achieve.

Giving it your all is what you will do. Together let’s make it happen.

You know how to get there that’s why you have me. Let’s just do it the right way, skip the part about hard work “kidding” we will get through that together.

I will be the extra bit, the helpful voice,the energy required to better the moment, keep taking the step to make this life we were given even more fulling than ever before.